FLW Rayovac Tournament - Grand Lake

Jonathan finished 2nd at Grand Lake.


Henry Targets Off-Beat Areas For Second

Jonathan Henry of Grant, Ala., was the first of a number of pros in the top 10 who had very little experience on Grand Lake. Henry sight-fished his way to a total of 60 pounds, 11 ounces and was in second on day one and day two as well.

In case you were wondering, Henry did not get any help from Jason Christie, his travel partner when he fished the Walmart FLW Tour as a co-angler. What he did do, was burn up his trolling motor batteries by about 3 p.m. each day in practice in order to mark tons of beds.

"It was common knowledge they were going to be spawning," says Henry. "I looked all day the first day and marked about 40 or 50 beds. Then I fished about two hours on the second day and didn't catch any, so I put all my rods up and went all-in [searching for bedding bass]."

Henry also tried to stay off the beaten path and found many of his beds on the main channel or behind docks. He caught his bedding fish with a Yum Christie Craw Texas-rigged with a 3/8-ounce Scottsboro Tackle tungsten weight. He also added some fish on the final day with a chartreuse and white Booyah ½-ounce double willow leaf spinnerbait that he threw around spawning shad while it rained.

Day 2 Update

2nd Place – Jonathan Henry – 43 pounds, 8 ounces

You'd be hard pressed to find someone happier to be second than Grant, Ala., pro Jonathan Henry. Like many others, Henry is primarily sight-fishing, but he is making a concerted attempt at catching the fish he has marked before they see him and he is looking in some specific places.

"The only places I looked are where I thought nobody else would look," says Henry. "I've been saving some fish in places that I'm almost certain nobody else will look.

"I'm running out of big ones. I have four or five fish in the 4-pound class marked, but I caught two 5-pounders on day one and those were two of the biggest fish I had found all week.

"Fish management is the number one key to win a big tournament like this if you're sight-fishing," adds Henry. "I don't care about being the leader until tomorrow."

There's an interesting split developing between anglers who are targeting spawning bass with a wide variety of baits and those who basically have one rod on the deck. Henry falls into the latter camp and is using a Yum Christie Craw to catch his bass.

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Day 1 Update

2nd Place – Jonathan Henry – 22 pounds, 7 ounces

Jonathan Henry of Grant, Ala., exclusively targeted bedding fish on the first day and managed to jump into second place on a lake that he has only been on once before as a co-angler on the Walmart FLW Tour in 2013.

“I was looking at some and just casting at places where I saw some big ones in practice,” says the Lake Guntersville guide. “I could have culled multiple times today, but I wasn’t sure that 10 ounces would really be worth it. I had my five by 10 o’clock, and I didn’t try to catch another fish all day.”

Henry says that he dialed in on the sight-fishing bite the first day of practice and has more than 150 fish waypointed on his graph. He seems very confident in his ability to catch more big fish tomorrow.

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